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Who runs the Plan?

The Plan is set up under Trust and run by the Trustees: NTL Pension Trustees II Limited and independent Trustee Ross Russell Limited. The Trustee Directors are shown on the right.  


The Trustees' duty is to run the Plan in line with its Trust Deed and Rules and relevant pensions law. To do this, the Trustees have the help of a number of pension professionals, you can see a list of Plan advisers at the bottom of the page.

Staying in touch

It is important that you let
XPS Administration know
if you change your home
or email address.

XPS Administration

XPS Administration
Albion, Fishponds Road,
Wokingham, RG41 2QE
0118 313 0800
[email protected]

Plan advisers

The Trustee receives advice from a number of sources.
The main Plan advisers are:

Your Trustee Directors


Ross Russell

Member Nominated

Dick Buckle


Peter Heslop

Company Nominated

David Rodman


Luke Milner


Hugh Woolford